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Face shields recommended for teachers and shopkeeper

Transparent face shields of the sort used by hospital doctors and nurses should be used by teachers, transport workers and retail workers, according to a new report.

The paper, published by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (IGC), says face visors can be used to help lift lockdown, open schools and get Britain back to work.

It advises that visors, like face masks, be used by the public to mitigate the risk of infection where two-metre social distancing is not possible.

“Face shields can be very useful tools for those facing very regular contact, at close proximity, with others”, say the authors.

“They also have great value in professions requiring nonverbal communication, such as teaching. They could be very valuable in giving protection and confidence to teachers, enabling them to return to a classroom environment.

“For this reason we recommend that face shields are procured and supplied to key groups such as teachers… [and] transport workers.

“Their use should also be encouraged in private sector settings such as retail, leisure and hospitality”.

“People wearing medical masks often have to remove them to communicate with others around them; this is not necessary with face shields.

“Most important, face shields appear to significantly reduce the amount of inhalation exposure to influenza virus, another droplet-spread respiratory virus.”

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