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About Us

United Kingdom Rejuvenation Centre (UKRC) is a global medical institute. Our business includes high-end medical services, national training in medical aesthetic techniques, research and development of innovative products in rejuvenation medicine, import & export of medical and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We have teams in Europe, North America, North Africa and China. By teaming up with sourcing, inspection, research & development, and marketing teams, we supply high-quality products worldwide.

Sales Opportunity

During Covid times are tough and we recognise businesses are looking to increase their income through generating revenue with out investing more money in stock or displays.

At UKRC our mission is to support locations, such as yours with PPE items which will generate you sales without requiring investment in stock. We have been able to do this due to our business focusing on 2 core aspects:

PPE – manufactured in our factories which we have stocks in the UK

Our Clinical Partnership – allowing you to benefit from referrals on treatments performed at our clinics in London

PPE is going to be here for some time in the current climate, and our mission is to provide high quality PPE, fully certified, tested and approved products whilst at the same time crating brand awareness of our products and our clinical services.

This business model has massive potential to increase your business income and help generate another revenue stream.

What we are looking for

As a medical institute we own our supply chain and work with our partner businesses to provide PPE direct from our partner factories. We currently have large stocks of PPE in our National Distribution Centre and have also invested in PPE Display stands to allow display of our products and our clinic services in shops, opticians, dentists, pharmacies… the list goes on.

How it works

We have created a PPE display stand for your store. This stand comes with stock to pre-fill it. Also included in the stand box will be instructions on how to assemble and also fill the stand.

  • Stock will be provided with the stand and should be fully checked and counted.
  • Each month you will be required to complete a stock check against the display stand. This is completed via an online form.
  • We will then invoice you the set invoice price as per our pricing table below.
  • We have defined the prices for selling the stock. The product prices are the price you must sell the goods at.

Note: Not all products will be available all the time and we reserve the right to alter the products, pricing and stock without notice as we need to be flexible with providing stock and meeting market demand. In addition if a stand is not performing we may also remove the stand and terminate the agreement as we need to ensure that the stands are positioned in a commercially proven location. 

We have also implemented a referral scheme. This is provided via leaflets, a poster and a referral reference (unique to your location). Where YOUR referral code has is redeemed and a treatment is successfully completed at one of our clinics you will be awarded £50. We will notify you of any referrals received so you are aware on their success.

Product Pricing

These are the prices which items must be sold by the shop / location where the stand is sited.


Note: Some products may not be present on the stand due to stock allocation or space on the display stand. Not all locations will have Thermometers.

Display Stand Merchandising

Using our courier network, we will be supplying a merchandising plan for all of our stands. This will be issued to the you along with the display stand and stock.
We will notify you when the stand is due to be delivered. It is important that the display stand is merchandised correctly and as per the plan provided with the display stand.
If there are any questions or suggestions about the merchandising of the stand, please email info@ukrcglobal.com and a member of the operations team will be in touch to discuss your questions.
Please ensure that as soon as you receive the display you set this up within 24 hours of receiving it, you will then need to stock, price and take a picture of the stand. The picture should be send to info@ukrcglobal.com.

Referral Codes

You will be issued with a unique referral code and leaflets.
For Customers there is a benefit to the referral codes, with the code they will receive £50 off their treatment at one of our clinics. These leaflets will be merchandised on the PPE display, further posters can also be provided to the location providing they are able to display the poster in a prominent location.
For Shop / Location referral codes the shop will be issued with £50 for each referral received and a treatment completed at one of our clinics via their code.

What are the key points?

  • There is NO cost to the stock or the stand
  • All you have to do is provide a location, take payment at the price we have set for the products
  • If you need more stock we will deliver it to you to keep the stand full – please ensure that if you need more stock you complete the form for your stock count and send an email to info@ukrcglobal.com detailing that you need a “quick top-up” and we will arrange this for you.
  • You will need to keep the stand clean, tidy and well maintained
  • You will need to report the stock on hand, this must be completed via the online form (https://forms.gle/K75By66sRkzPB4aN6)
  • Each month we will reconcile the stocks sold and we will invoice you for the amount of units you have sold at the agreed invoice price.

Keeping in touch

If there are any problems, issues or queries please get in touch with our operations team on info@ukrcglobal.com.

Payment Summary

Below is a summary of the payments.

• Each month we will invoice you for the invoice cost of the products sold/ not in stock
• For each referral and successful treatment completion you will receive £50 for our clinic services

UKRC will notify you of the sales per stand and also any referral codes redeemed. If you require any further details, please contact our operations team at info@ukrcglobal.com.
Once we notify you (normally on a monthly basis), we will raise an invoice directly to you including, our address, phone number and bank details. You will then make payment to us within the timescale in your contract.

What happens once you are signed up?

Once you have signed up we will arrange:

  • Leaflets for the display stand
  • Referral codes for the leaflet
  • An A3 poster for advertising our services and referral code
  • Display stand to be presented in the agreed location
  • Stock to fill the display stand

Helpful Resources

Contained below are the links you may find useful:

Our Website:


For details about or PPE products you can visit our PPE website where you can also find out details about the products and product tests and certificates:


For information about our Treatment Services you can view these at our treatment website:


Stock Counting Form:


If you need to get in touch with us please email:



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