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PPE Buying Guide

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment.
PPE comes in all kinds of shapes, styles and sizes, and what is right for one person and one business might not be ideal for the next, so it’s vital to have a personalised approach to PPE management.


Some employees will need protecting from fairly low-level risks such as in an office environment, whereas others will have to stay safe whilst working in high footfall locations such as in shops or train stations.


In any business, whether it’s an office or manufacturing environment, health and safety is of critical importance, and there are always risks that need to be mitigated and protected against. Our PPE is suitable for use in different locations and environments. To discuss your specific needs drop us an email to
PPE has many benefits, failing to use the correct PPE can result in employees having to take time off work, which limits the level of productivity and could incur further costs if you need to take on temporary staff. By reducing the element of risk in the business, you can limit the risks to your teams and keep your employees happy, healthy and productive.


As an employer, you have a legal requirement to provide the correct health and safety PPE, and failing to comply with this could result in extensive investigations or claims for compensation. Investigations by the Health and Safety Executive can be lengthy, taking up your valuable time and resulting in negative publicity for the business.


When your teams are safe and content in their employment, they are more likely to be happy in their role, keep productivity rates high and stay at the company for longer, reducing levels of staff turnover.
When you’re selecting the types of PPE to introduce to your workplace, you first need to assess where the specific risk factors are.


Environments that have certain amounts of fumes or vapours will benefit from the use of respiratory protection or even face shields.


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The correct usage of PPE and worker compliance can dramatically reduce the number of accidents and injuries that take place in a working environment, and training is paramount to achieving this. It will also make employees aware of the potential risk factors that exist, and how they can help themselves and the business stay safe.

The specific type of PPE required by your teams will vary depending on the industry you operate in and the specific tasks with which they’re involved. It is likely that different employees in the same business will require different types of protective equipment.
It’s essential to conduct a full risk assessment for the business so that you can identify where the hazards are.
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